Energy healing therapy is defined as regaining the balance of mind, body and spirit. It is a natural process – the oldest form of therapy that has been practised since ancient times.

Combining a range of energy healing techniques such as Shamanic Kinesiology, Celtic Medicine Wheel work, dowsing and other energy-based therapies.

Energy healing therapy is suitable for everyone from young to senior citizens and is complementary to conventional medicine.

Reclaiming your Spiritual Sovereignty

Spiritual Sovereignty

In these times hyper-normalisation we have become too reliant on outsourcing aspects of our lives – mind, body and soul.  We have forgotten that, apart from a small percentage of circumstances, for 1000s of years we humans have been born with everything we need to survive in our world. 

We live in extraordinarily busy times and it often appears easy to give the management of our health over to external sources – pills and injections to manage the physical sensations and weighted thoughts, distractions to dampen the emotions and organised belief systems to manage our spirit and soul.    Through this practice of outsourcing, we give the essence of our sovereignty away. 

We can only heal ourselves, no other body and no other thing can do that for us, and when aspects of us have been given away for others to manage, we become weaker and our healing is delayed. 

How would you like to call back those aspects of you and become whole again?

This service is a blending and an intertwining of over a decade of experience as a natural therapy practitioner and a Shamanic Celtic Medicine energy practitioner. I have been undergoing extensive and integral Celtic Medicine energy training for over 15 years with White Serpent Teachings in the Isle of Man, and I am now at a space where I can offer this additional service whilst continuing my training.

Reclaiming your Spiritual Sovereignty is a specialised and unique service to reclaim your power within a celtic energetic medicine context. We will be working within a template to hold and work with spirit allies, spirit animals, ancestors and plant spirits and working at an inter-dimensional level, enabling you to reclaim your spiritual power.

The remote session is conducted within a full celtic medicine wheel which is an energetic container and sacred template that I create and establish for you and your session providing psychic privacy and a safe space for your spirit allies and guides to participate within the session. Clearing ancestral traumas, karma, energetical blockages and imbalances to bring you back into alignment with your true purpose and to stand in your full power.

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Please note, this is a remote session only with a follow up Zoom session.