Although my work has been 1-1, now more than ever, the tools I have acquired over my 15 years of practicing have never been more needed. I am called to help, whoever you are.

Isabel Machado-Williams is a highly skilled Professional Kinesiology Practitioner and member of the Kinesiology Association UK. Over the past 15 years, she has helped thousands of clients with various health issues at her practice in Peel.

One of the main foundations of Kinesiology is connection to clients in their present moment. Through this connection, Isabel can facilitate clients from a distance and guide them through their healing.

Online sessions are available through Zoom.

Each session is tailored individually to each client and will always begin at the start with some simple embodiment practices to bring you into a calm, centered, focused and comfortable state. From here your current situation is discussed and then Isabel guides you through applying various Kinesiology techniques to yourself throughout your session.

These are interesting times that we are currently living in and I encourage you to think outside the box, to get support in times of self-isolation, especially when fear and anxious thoughts seem too strong to handle on your own.

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