The Etmitis



The Etmitis, a natural radiation environment in and around the house. A balanced product that can be placed in the home for a harmonious living environment for humans, animals and plants. The range (radius) of the Etmitis is approximately 1200 meters around the Etmitis and go through concrete and metal. The Etmitis technology is intended to maintain or to bring up the energy of humans and animals. The Etmitis is also suitable for agriculture, livestock and poultry businesses.

The EtmitisTechnology does not deny the present radiation such as mobile phones, DECT phones or masts, but ensures that it does not suffer from the radiation. The radiation is, as it were transformed, transformed. The Etmitis sends the frequency of Earth, it is also known as the Schumann resonance. This technology is combined with the technology of Royal Rife and Wilhelm Reich. The Etmitis weighs about 3 kilo has a height 34 cm and has a diameter of 9 cm. The price of The Etmitis is €1,150.00.

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