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The Foodmarble

The FoodMarble is a home breath analysis device to help you find what foods are most compatible with your specific digestive system.

The FoodMarble is small device that pairs with a smartphone app, so that you can discover your intolerances, from the comfort of your own home.

This is fantastic for those who suffer from regular digestive issues and are unsure which foods are triggering those problems. You can now measure exactly what is happening in your body!

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Personal EMF Protection

Small magnets that can be worn, applied to mobile devices and more.  energydots provide a simple, affordable, powerful solution. They are harmonisers which means they work by retuning the emissions from devices.

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Home EMF Protection

The Etmitis, a natural radiation environment in and around the house. A balanced product that can be placed in the home for a harmonious living environment for humans, animals and plants. The range (radius) of the Etmitis is approximately 1200 meters around the Etmitis and go through concrete and metal. The Etmitis technology is intended to maintain or to bring up the energy of humans and animals. The Etmitis is also suitable for agriculture, livestock and poultry businesses.
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