A fascinating session with John who is truly delightful. Left feeling a million times better. Would highly recommend.

J Bellinger

I went to see Isabel for treatment on my back following weeks of chiropractor & acupuncture/acupressure which just didn’t seem to get rid of my issues.

After one session it did the trick , however, I went back for another session & craniosacral therapy which is mind blowing but has cured a personal fear I have had for years & sorted out some additional aches & pains !

I’m going back for more too, so highly recommended!

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H Withers

Marvellous service from the very talented and professional lady, whom is Izzy Williams. Felt completely mentally reprogrammed when I left. Keep up the excellent work. Love and Light Jo Brotherston. Five stars.

5 stars

J Brotherston

Visited Izzy recently with back pain and what a result! Fantastic experience in the clinic, felt very at ease and the treatment worked wonders. Would highly recommend to anyone

S Hague

Brilliant have been many times over the years and always found the healing has worked wonderful, even when I could hardly walk. I give them my highest praises
Wishing you a wonderful 2018.
Chrissy x

C Shaw-Willman

I limped in today, with a trapped nerve and a whole load of pain and discomfort.
An hour later I walked away pain free and totally relaxed.
Excellent service, highly recommended.

M Newey

Amazing advice, amazing people! I can absolutely recommend Balanced Health Clinic to everyone

F Tipper

The most wonderful and effective therapies delivered with compassion and great care. I can’t recommend the Balanced Health Clinic highly enough … simply brilliant! ❤ x

C Collister

Feeling chuffed! Following the advice of Izzy Williams from the Balanced Health Clinic Peel, I have taken to a gluten-free and lactose-free diet, which has resulted in a loss of 11 lbs in a month, and my glucose level has dropped from a diabetes-threatening figure of 9 to a normal 5.

B Snelling

I had a fantastic session with the balanced clinic on Friday. I found to be wonderfully professional, caring and ultra efficient! I would highly recommend them to anyone !

B Saade