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Restore your balance the natural way

For people who find themselves not wanting to rely solely on pain relief medication to manage the symptoms of their body pains and discomforts.

Those seeking to discover the source of their issue and how they can support themselves in a new and different way.

People who are tired of their body being out of balance, tired of being told what to do by others, yet not knowing which direction to take in order to regain health.

And I am done with that, and I think you are too.

Do you want to step off this merry-go-round – the one that takes you to just masking your discomfort whilst it carries on in the background?

Do you long to live a life that’s rooted in your own desires, living according to your own standards?

Empower Yourself Naturally

Natural non-invasive methods for your body to get back into alignment, from bones and muscles to digestion and emotional health.

Gentle alignment treatments for your spine.

YOUR body advising what would benefit you, without the over-prescribing trial and testing method.

Taking all the guesswork out of choosing supplements and keeping more money in your pocket.

Giving you confidence and trust to rely on your own body to restore your health by empowering you to be your own authority.

Helping you feel more confident and happier in YOU.

Supporting you at YOUR pace

Supporting you at your pace and working with your body.

Sessions based on your progress, rather than scheduled regular appointments.

The process is always led by you.

If this resonates, reach out.

There is the peace of finding a home within yourself, from which you can never be uprooted.

And from this place… so much more is possible.

A balanced body lives with dignity, courage and delight.

New Water Embodiment Class Dates for 2022!

Learn to truly integrate and trust your mind and body in water with Sian Griffith and Isabel Machado-Williams

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Neck Pain? Back Pain? Pelvic Issues? Trapped Nerve/Sciatica? Headaches? Anxiety? Digestive Issues? Hormonal Issues? Phobias?

2022 marks 35 years in Business!

The Balanced Health Clinic is a family run business in the heart of Peel, Isle of Man, started by John Williams in 1987 and later joined by his daughter – Isabel Machado-Williams in 2007.

Over the years, John has mainly been referred to as “The Back Man of Peel”, and his treatment skills, along with his friendly, warm and attentive personality has resulted in a very successful practice and wonderfully loyal clients.

35 Years in business


S Cooke
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Visited the lovely Isabel last week for my 16 month old daughter’s food sensitivities testing. Amazing how it was actually done! My original thoughts were confirmed and we learnt of a few more intolerance’s too. I would highly recommend this type of testing if you have any doubts for yourself or child
P Ashcroft
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It was a privilege and a joy to witness a true master, John, working with my son (aged 13) yesterday. My son’s spine was approximately 1 inch off centre, his right shoulder much lower than his left shoulder and his hip twisted. 1 hour later my sons spine is perfectly straight, his shoulders equal and his hip now balanced. The treatment was painless and enjoyable for Liam who felt really comfortable in John’s care. I can’t thank you enough. Isabel, you’re so lucky having your dad to learn from and work with and bringing your own skills and talents too. I can highly recommend both John and Isabel.
R Whalley
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After suffering months of severe neck and shoulder pain I was encouraged by my family to make an appointment with John. I can honestly say that the treatments I have received have made a huge difference to my everyday life. John's knowledge and skill, along with his caring and friendly personality are really helping me to heal. Thank you so much. Ros
H Withers
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I went to see Isabel for treatment on my back following weeks of chiropractor & acupuncture/acupressure which just didn’t seem to get rid of my issues. After one session it did the trick , however, I went back for another session & craniosacral therapy which is mind blowing but has cured a personal fear I have had for years & sorted out some additional aches & pains ! I’m going back for more too, so highly recommended!
R Wells
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Izzy’s CranioSacral Therapy was excellent the first time she worked on me to remove various blockages throughout my body and I must admit I thought she might find that hard to follow but the following session she had me floating on a magic carpet as I left. So glad the wife was there to drive me back. Defo 5 stars girl. I’m glad we’ve booked regular 5 weekly sessions. Looking forward to the next time. 2021
Kinesiology Association
Craniosacral Society