Do you like water? Do you trust water?

How do those two questions make you feel? Can you answer yes to both? If not, read on…

Trust Water

Sian Griffith and Isabel Machado-Williams bring you a unique way to truly build your confidence not just in water, but also your relationship between you and water and ultimately, other aspects of your life.

Combining Sian and Isabel’s skills of swim coaching, sports psychology, kinesiology and NLP to bring you the ultimate experience of trusting water and more importantly, trusting yourself.

Learn how to change your state easily when you feel out of your depth and discover how this easily adapts to your daily life.

Sessions are conducted at Brainwaves private swimming pool in a safe, secure & fun environment.

What you will need: Yourself, swimsuit, towel, change of dry clothes. Changing facilities available.


A huge Thank you to Sian (Brainwaves) and Isabel (Balanced Health Clinic) for a fantastic workshop, I can't believe what happened... it was just amazing! I can now begin to understand what I am feeling and why, it was a huge unravelling of the fears that I had in water and I feel so privileged to have had the opportunity to experience the care and attention from two wonderful teacher/ practitioners

A Creer

Having received this new water therapy (insert correct name) from Isabel and (.......) its taken me a little while to digest the information, and write this testimonial, the immediate response was the realisation that the water really doesn't want me and what's under the water are animals just going about their day lol I had a fear about not knowing what was under me you see. I was OK when I was either under the water and could see what was around me, or quite high above it and again could see. But when it came to that middle ground of being close to it on a kayak or paddle board I always had a knot in my stomach that made me feel really quite anxious. Well 2 days ago it all really sank in, I got my 1st chance to be on the water with a friend and we went for miles and I was absolutely fine no knots 😱 then It really hit me when we paddled out to the end of Ramsey pier while the tide was in, this was the furthest and deepest I'd ever been! And instead of worrying I found myself calm and relaxed I even sat down on my board and just dangled my feet in the water 😱 that would have been a real panic moment for me before the session I had with Isabel and...... I can't thank you enough ladies, my gut wrenching knot has gone and now I can truly enjoy the water without all the extra stress ❤️❤️❤️❤️🧜‍♀️🧜‍♀️🧜‍♀️

C Callister

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